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Additional advantages of home health care services

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2015 | Care Planning

In our prior post, we highlighted the different measures of care that a home health care service can provide to elderly Ohioans. Essentially we highlighted the services surrounding medical care, assistance with dressing and bathing, and even services to make welfare checks and take patients to doctor’s appointments.

With this post, we will discuss some of the additional advantages to home health care services.

Independence – Perhaps the most important advantage to having a home health care service compared to being in a nursing home is the independence an elderly person can maintain. By staying in their own home, an elderly person does not have to answer to a schedule or comply with a home’s draconian rules. Additionally, most elderly people are happier in their own space.

Better review of services – Also, family members who may be concerned about how an elder is treated in a home will have more opportunities to review the services rendered. Basically, family members will be able to spend more time evaluating the level of care given.

Tailored care – As we alluded to in our earlier post, the specific services and care can be specifically designed to meet the elderly person’s unique needs. In a nursing home, this option may not be available.

Money saved – Lastly, the money saved with having specific services fares better with home health care services compared to nursing home residency. This can be a relief to both the resident and the family members who care for him or her.

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