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Why holiday shopping may be difficult for the disabled

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2014 | Care Planning

Tis the season to do holiday shopping. This may a joy to many people, but it be annoying when you have to search far and wide for a parking spot. This can be made even more difficult if you are disabled and the handicapped spaces are continually full.

While timing may be a part of this frustration, it may be that the people actually parked in these spaces may not even be handicapped. A recent report highlighted the growing problem of illegal handicapped placard use.

Some drivers may be resigned to use placards that are outdated, either because the original driver is deceased or no longer drive. Others may alter an outdated placard so that a current date is shown. Sometimes a person will borrow a car owned by a handicapped person, and then park as if he or she was handicapped, even though they are not disabled at all. Even more troubling, some people have their placards stolen directly from their dashboards. Others simply disregard signs detailing handicapped parking.

Regardless of the method of deceit, it does not appear that law enforcement is having a good time keeping up. Some police departments may not be so willing to enforce handicapped parking rules. After all, it may take a great deal of resources to do so. It would essentially require officers to continually monitor handicapped spot to catch would be offenders.

Nevertheless, it may take the effort of disabled and elderly Americans to continually remind police of this problem, and how it can affect their buying power.